Secretary Message

Dear Family Members,

       On behalf of Shree Tuljabhavani Shikshan Mandal,Islampur I welcome you to “Anubhuti” English Medium School(AEMS)

       The evolution of Shree Tuljabhavani Shikshan Mandal (STBSM) was originated nearly 70 years ago in Pre-independence era by means of starting a small primary school at his home in Islampur by Founder and freedom fighter Late Damodar Laxman Ramname. STBSM came into existence in the year 1975. Since then with the Vision, devotion and Passion of Guruvarya Pralhad Hari Deshpande sir,society has witnessed a phenomenal progress and growth. As a result today STBSM has grown to 7 different schools, employs more than 110 teachers and providing education over 4500 students from nearby community. This educational complex is popularly known as “Adarsh” group of schools, which has become a mark of a Quality education in Western Maharashtra.

       Modern life is deeply influenced by rapid technological progress as well as environmental and social crises. Faced with unpredictable change and insecurity, the young generation is easily influenced by materialistic values may lead into moral degradation. Academic competition, peer pressure, parental (over)expectations and media influence leaves very little room for independent thinking and healthy growth of a student. India is a multi-faceted society that requires creative leadership and innovative direction, and education must address these needs and adapt to the changing need of the world around us.

       At AEMS, our Vision, Mission informs everything we focus and do. From The curriculum, best-in-class facilities to the selection of teachers each and every minute thing has been meticulously designed with predefined intention and outcome. Our entire framework is ensuring a unique experience of a perfect combination of 21st century relevant school educational methodologies and rich Indian heritage to every admitted child.

       STBSM has continued to expand on their interest in educational philosophy and their commitment to the field of education.”Anubhuti” English medium school is the result of this longstanding commitment to excellence in education.

Warm Regards,
Prof. Prashant Deshpande,
Hon. Secretary,
STBSM – Islampur and Chairman, Advisory Board – AEMS.